Booths to Look Forward To

Batok is a traditional tattooing practice in the Philippines that has been around for about a thousand years. It involves tribal designs that enhance the beauty of Filipino women, typically those of the right age. However, the art isn’t exclusive to women, as men who prove their worthiness can also participate in the tradition. Many men with these tattoos are Kalinga warriors, marked with designs representing were sacred and a symbol of power, courage, and dominance. Kalinga warriors and headhunters earned their body art which represented the battles they won. While batok beautifies women, men’s tattoos symbolize bravery and earn them respect. The artists who create these tattoos are called mambabatoks, but the practice is at risk due to the passing of original practitioners. The process involves using a bamboo stick, an orange thorn needle, and soot mixed with water to create ink. A blade of grass is used to draw the pattern on the skin, and the tattoo is made by pricking the skin with the orange thorn needle. The pain is significant due to the thorn’s texture, but the pursuit of beauty outweighs the discomfort.

Officially launched in 2008, Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 has established itself as the pioneer in providing superior Japanese-style swords in the Philippines. Their commitment lies in making high-quality Japanese swords, and armors accessible to Japanese martial arts practitioners and sword collectors and enthusiasts at an affordable cost.

In addition to their Japanese-style swords and armors, including their flagship product — the shinken (modern crafted katana meticulously hand forged and made specifically for tameshigiri or sword cutting practice,) they also replicate and offer swords from high-fantasy franchises such as Lord of the Rings and The Witcher. These swords will surely make you feel like you are a knight of the elven kingdom, ready to fight foes! They also offer unsharpened swords, suitable for cosplay, iaijutsu, and kata practice.

Catch a glimpse of Geisha’s Blade swords on Ren Faire PH 2024! Send them a message and let the forging of your elven sword started at once! And would you want to experience the splendor of Japanese armor? Come hither as Geisha’s Blade will be bringing theirs for you to try!

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