D&D 1 Tales of Illorium: Equinox


“As you pass through the grand archway of Dawn’s Grace, the city unfurls before you like a radiant tapestry.

Sun-kissed spires and ivory walls gleam under the golden embrace of Solara’s light. This city is a haven of serenity and devotion, where the goddess Solara’s teachings are etched into every stone, and the promise of adventure awaits around every corner.”


“Greetings, brave adventurers of Illorum,

We, the citizens of Dawn’s Grace, humbly seek your assistance in a matter that has been troubling our peaceful land. Recent reports have reached us of mischievous imps causing disturbances within a cavern just beyond our city walls. These imps have been spotted near the entrance, and their antics have escalated to the point where their laughter can be heard echoing through the cave’s passages.

In gratitude for your assistance, we offer a reward of 150 gold coins (negotiators will be shot… down), along with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped maintain the tranquility of our beloved city.

May the blessings of Solara guide your path and grant you success in your endeavors.

With sincere gratitude,

The Citizens of Dawn’s Grace

DM November Jill


Thalorien as Thalorien Whisperleaf

Regina as Smush

Makalikha as Dmitri Marquis Fortune

100 flowers as Nerys Kiravenna

From Every Winter, Spring

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