The Queen Has Heard the Pleas of the People!

The Ren Faire PH shall allow walk in ticket purchasers for all days of the faire!

This is also a limited amount and is first come first serve! Meaning only those that appear on the day itself and purchase the tickets may be blessed. Heed warning, as the walk in tickets will be the only ones available, once capacity is reached, the kingdom shall close it’s gates.

💠Adventurer: 400php
(for General Day Access to the Faire Grounds )

💠Village Friend: 500php
( For Access to both Day and Night Programs, only available to ages 21+. Valid IDs with Date of Birth are required to purchase)

Queens Children tickets are no longer available. They may opt to purchase adventurer tickets if they do so wish.

PWD or senior citizen discounts will not be applicable as we could no longer create discount codes.

See you at the faire!

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